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Finding the Right Child Care For You

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At Pre K Today, we strive to build a comprehensive online resource that more easily connects families to preschool child care in Clark County. Our vision is of a society that more strongly values the numerous benefits of preschool as a critical foundation for a child’s physical, cognitive, and social-emotional development; family’s employment prospects; and community’s economic growth.

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A child's brain is 90% developed before they enter kindergarten

67% increased risk of arrest in early adulthood for those who don’t attend preschool

Kids who don’t go to preschool are 82% more likely to need public housing

Children begin school up to 14 months behind when they don't have an early learning foundation

Kids who attend preschool are more likely to graduate from high school on time

Those who attend preschool have a higher income in adulthood

Preschoolers score 11-12 points higher on vocabulary and math tests

Preschool is shown to improve social-emotional and physical health

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74% of Nevada families with children under six can’t access licensed child care.

Discover the critical role that early child care plays in nurturing young minds. A shocking number of Nevada families with children under six face challenges in accessing quality child care. Navigate our resources to gain insights into available financial aid, child care licensing, and what to look for in a provider.

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